Between life and death

The world of Shorecut can be filled with peril and the players can find their timely demise sooner than later. When defeated, the player will take the form of a ghost and will not be able to interact with the world during the day. When the night has fallen upon the island, the player will be once more be able to engage in combat only, under the form of a human skeleton. It seems that on the islands of Shorecut, dying is not something that some can say that it’s true.

A book in your hook

In Shorecut you will come across different books, split between multiple categories. The player will be able to hold the book with one hand and flip the pages using his other hand.

Types of books

  • Menu book (contains the game’s settings, modes, etc.)
  • Tutorial book (filled with useful tips and tricks, instructions for different devices, etc.)
  • Captain’s Journal (keeps track of missions, encountered places and creatures, maps and treasures locations)
  • Ship’s Log (contains the ship’s inventory, loadout and crew details)
  • Recipes book (Recipes pages will get added, for crafting and cooking)
  • Lore book (each will contain a certain story from the game’s lore)

Musical Instruments

In Shorecut, you will be able to play musical instruments using the hand motion controllers. This objects will play in tune and you will be able to sustain songs and accompany other players that can use different instruments than yours, participating in the same song. We know that this is not a completely original idea, but we think bringing this to VR and having the player’s input and dexterity put into the song can lead to hilarious situations and can bring immersion.

Character customization

In Shorecut, you will be able to customize your character by choosing from a large number of options. There will be multiple costumes separated in several pieces; for torso, waist, legs, and feet. Each costume will fit the body type of the character, that can be muscular, skinny, fat or skeleton. For face, we have a different catalog of accessories, like hats, facial hair or eye wear.

All costume pieces can be found by exploring the world ans some will be available for in-game purchase at some NPCs located in the world.

Upon death, the player will be able to continue his game, but not in the same form. He will posses a skeleton body and will see his costume has suffered heavy wear and tear.

Inventory system WIP


We have added the capability to equip and unequip weapons and tools from the inventory menu. A quick and easy mode for switching weapons and tools is also in the works. We are still adjusting items positioning into the hand and animations.

The weapons handling is also in work at the moment. We are implementing things like attacking, damaging and taking damage. The arms are synchronized in multiplayer.


We are now working on the inventory system. It will be split into 3 main categories and it will be accessed by looking down in VR and clicking the Inventory button at the bottom.

Note: The inventory menu appears larger when playing in VR