SHORECUT is a co-op, open-world sailing adventure in VR.

The action takes place in a fantasy world in which a few people found their courage to come and search for the unique phenomenon of TimeStorm that leaves behind strange objects from other timelines. This place can be mesmerizing and dangerous at the same time and is filled with strange, fantastic creatures, human inhabitants, unpredictable wildlife and weather effects.
The game will feature realistic sailing and naval combat mechanics, player combat and customization, islands to discover and explore, alongside digging for treasures and mysteries to uncover.

The players will be able to play throughout the game’s story in single player as well as a drop-in/drop-out co-op mode. Other players may join as opponents at certain times.

There will be a number of different play-styles that the player will be able to choose from, the main goal being able to survive as long and possible and upgrade his character and ships while searching for the TimeStorm artifacts (mysterious objects that are teleported into the world from different timelines)

Engaging sailing mechanics will immerse the player into the wonderful age of navigation, ships combat, sea merchantry, and piratry. The players will be able to use rafts, rowboats and small fishing boats, as well as captain larger ships equipped with sails, weaponry, cargo, and different navigation equipment, also helped by friendly NPCs at his command.

The player will be able to customize his appearance in a very detailed fashion, like choosing from a vast number of clothing styles, hairstyles and facial hair options, hats, and prosthetics. There will be different body types, from skinny to normal, muscular and even corpulent. The player’s avatar will put on fat if he consumes food more than he needs and will get skinny if hunger level gets too high. The hair and facial hair will grow in time and will get grey if the character gets older. Clothes will get visible damage from specific actions and events.

The player will be able to use weapons, such as cutlasses and flintlocks and various useful items as scopes, compasses, torches, buckets, shovels. These will aid the player in combat and when navigating on the sea and exploring the land.

In his adventures, the player will come across common humans or animals and sometimes he will find fantastic sea or land creatures that are not always friendly.